Candy Crush Saga Wheel

Is it possible to hit the Jackpot in Candy Crush Saga Wheel?

Candy Crush Saga…..a giant match-3 adventure puzzle which is undoubtedly, one of the most played games on Facebook as well as on Android. The game has so many cool levels grouped into chapters.

I do admit that I am one big fan of the game. Ever since I got my Micromax Unite 2 A 106, Candy Crush Saga is the only game that I’m still playing on my 21 months old smartphone.

The game has introduced some nice new features since then, like the candy collection system for extra rewards and, special limited-time mini-games which help you to win a few extra boosters.

Candy Crush Saga Wheel, the original daily booster-giving feature, is present in the game since its very beginning. Even do I usually miss to rotate the wheel to get the daily booster goodie, I must say that even after playing the game for 21 months I haven’t won the Jackpot even once.

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the wheel rotates too fast when close to the booster and at other times it nearly freezes just to stop me from hitting, literally, the Jackpot.

Though I can’t comment about the FB version of the game, for the Android version I must state that what it seems to me is that it’s nearly impossible to hit the Jackpot. As a die hard fan of Candy Crush Saga I have, on several occassions, kept my fingers crossed when I anticipated that I can win the Jackpot. Although, I have never.

I wonder if someone have actually won the Jackpot in the Android version. The point is, if King – developer of Candy Crush Saga – don’t want anyone to claim the Jackpot then why do they have added it to the game? I mean, myself and other Candy Crush Saga players are already ok with the normal boosters the wheel offer. Then why add the Jackpot, if players can’t even win it?

If you’ve ever won the Jackpot on your Android version of Candy Crush Saga, please do leave a comment. I would love to be proven wrong \v/


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