Why You Must Watch Upcoming Horror Flick “It”

In a Nutshell:- …Because it’s based on the horror-fiction novel by the same name, written by the king of horror Stephen King.


Writer of gorey and goosebumping horror fictions, such as Salem’s Lot and The Dark Tower, Stephen King’s famed It is soon going to hit the big screen. Slated for a September release, the movie is first title in the two-part series.

It, the novel, is considered to be one of the most frightening and vividly described fiction/horror works. The story revolves around the eponymous being, who is an evil entity bound to kill children roughly every 3 decades in the town of Derry. The story follows the struggle of a group of people, first as children and second as adults, brought together by the cause to defeat the monster once and for all.

The novel is divided into two separate timelines. First, when the protagonist group is a band of children and second, 3 decades later when the group is all-adults. The story continuously raises the questions of fear and desperation. It, bearing resemblance to a clown, feeds on the fears and phobias of its victims and is described as a being that is purely dedicated to the inhumane ways.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Stephen King, which is very highly unlikely, you’re definitely going to enjoy It if you have the knack for watching horror movies with the potential to twist the mind and show the real strength of fear.


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