How to Type Faster?

Remember….there is no (keyboard) shortcut to success!

Typing is fun, and a quintessential part of work for someone like me, for many. Building a faster typing speed with accuracy necessitates time and some decent effort. But besides that, there are a lot of itzy-bitzy things that any aspiring writer can try to boost the effort. Here are some fast tips for delimiting your typing speed…\m/


Chore 1 – Practice Daily
Day by day, inch by inch…everything takes time to grow.

Chore 2 – 10FastFingers

Amazing site to keep building typing speed and accuracy with people just like you.

Chore 3 (TFD)

You need to have a great vocabulary to be able to type as fast as you can. This is because words that you’re better acquainted with are quickly processed by our brain, allowing the fingers to type them quite fast.

That’s all! Keep looking for updates! Till then, keep practicing :]


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