The Positive Side of Nihilism

Nihilism is a belief system that stresses on the meaningless nature of life and all existence! Yes, that’s right! Me, you, and your dog; everything is meaningless.


That after thinking continuously for a very long time, before going to sleep or when you’ve nothing better to do, about what exactly life is, you finally came to the astounding conclusion that how deep you delve into wondering about life; it is made up of one penultimate thing, and that is NOTHING. Have it happened to you? Or have you been positive that there is a GOD who’s waiting for you to do that many GOOD DEEDS so that you can finally stay with her, for like forever or eternity!!

Living in a meaningless world is meaningless! Yes and no.

Don’t have much to say abut the latter case; however, if it is the former case then like it or not but you’re a nihilist, i.e. a believer of Nihilism. Among other philosophical doctrines, NIHILISM is a belief system that negates any type of religious or moral significance of life. Several sources relate it to NEGATIVITY (search NIHILISM on Google and see the first synonym) and PESSIMISM but is it what we (THE MANKIND) are capable to give it the best of our POWER of BELIEVING?

The World is for sure a weird place!

It’s worth admitting that neither me nor you know for sure that why are we here? But if we believe in NIHILISM, it can harbor a lot of positivity; even more than what we can imagine. Like, if nothing matters in the long run then why should we choose emotions like PAIN and SUFFERING. Instead, we should do what makes us feel good, provided it doesn’t cause any negative effects on others and our environment.

One shot, one opportunity; make the best out of it!

It’s actually good that nothing matters at all. If you believe in it, you’ll not get bullied, you’ll not feel sad for being rejected, you’ll not be afraid of dark because ¬†something that’s always been lurking out there has no significance. In the end, it all boils down not just to what do you believe but how do you want to believe it!






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